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SE Asia 2014- Posting on TravelPod

We are BLOGGING our new trip over on TravelPod, posting on FaceBook and provide way cool photos on our Flickr pool, as we find WordPress a bit cumbersome.

You can follow our adventures here….







Don’t Forget to Write!

We wrote this article for The Drive Magazine, Issue # 88

 Things didn’t start out quite like we had planned. Our first stop on a four-month, round- the-world “Escape Windsor Winter Tour -2013”- Amman Jordan- and it was snowing! The entire nation shut down for two days as snowy conditions wreaked havoc upon the roads- first major snow in 25 years. Our trip to the ruins at Petra would have to wait for another time.

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Beautiful Bali 1986 – From Our Travel Archives

by Elaine Weeks

Sensual Surreality

on the road from the airport to our hotel,
curious monkeys scamper out of our taxi’s way
old women bathe naked in streams by the road
while costumed giants parade and glittering men and
women hoist golden parasols and streamers
elderly Balinese men in traditional dress – bits of rice stuck
to foreheads, cheeks, throats – climb onto our taxi
and pretend we are not there
whiz past limey green rice paddies and temples with menacing stone
statues wearing black and white checkered skirts
motor bikes loaded with families of four dart in and out
while horse drawn taxis plod along the edge
and women in borderline sexy traditional garb bearing
impossibly arranged towers of fruit and rice cakes on their heads
are temple bound
This is Bali.

Global Backpacking Journey, November 1986: Destination Ubud, Bali

Aboard the 5 1/2 hour flight from Melbourne, Australia to Bali, Indonesia, fellow passengers included young rowdy Aussie students whose main pre-occupation was to drink as much beer as humanly possible. Unable to avoid their ever louder conversations, Chris and I learned they were headed en masse to Bali’s famed Kuta Beach.
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