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Chris Edwards and Elaine Weeks – writers, publishers, photographers, digital design gurus and travellers – live in the Border Cities region of Windsor-Detroit in the historic 19th century company town still called Walkerville by the locals. They have co-owned three advertising/marketing agencies and have been involved in the production of numerous traditional and new media projects, thanks in large measure to their adoption of Apple desktop publishing technology in 1985, developed by the mercurial Steve Jobs (we miss ya Steve!).

The couple currently own a traditional/new media hybrid publishing company based in Windsor Ontario, which has produced over 30 books, including four of their own best-selling titles: 500 Ways You Know You’re From Windsor, Windsor Then- A Pictorial Guide of Windsor Ontario’s Glorious Past, The Best of the Times Magazine (1st and 2nd edition), Postcards From the Past- Windsor and the Border Cities; the couple have also collaborated on several other titles.

Chris and Elaine also published a community news magazine for 8 years called The Walkerville Times and later renamed The Times Magazine, producing 58 issues from 1999 – 2007 before moving to an online blog called Windsor Then Windsor Now.

Married in 1986, the couple celebrated by undertaking a 1-year backpacking honeymoon around the world. This incredible journey was followed by two shorter ones, including a 3-month odyssey through S. E. Asia in 1996 with their two children Jon, then 6, and Rosalie, then 2.

Now empty nesters, the time was ripe for another excellent adventure for Chris and Elaine, this time a 4-month journey from Detroit/Windsor to Amman, Jordan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Bali, Hong Kong – and maybe one or two more countries thrown in for good measure. “Vanishing Act” is about disappearing from one’s day to day existence to turn up in new and exotic lands. It’s also a quest to find a good, cheap place to call home during the cold months of the year that torment those of us living in decidedly untropical climes.

The fun began January 7, 2013.

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