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The Mexican Caper – 1976

Mexico, 1976

Sunday morning, bright beautiful Mexican sunshine. Standing by the side of the road outside Guadalajara, solo hitchhiking through Mexico, thinking how easy it had been to arrive at this place. Big mistake.

For the next couple of hours, no one stopped. Mind you, it was still pretty early in the day, but one of the great hazards of hitchhiking is sooner or later a waiting game must be played.

I was totally burnt out- crispy in fact. I hadn’t had any decent sleep for over three days (one night on the train partying with the Americans from Nogales to Mazatlan, another aboard the Mexican fruit truck). Road weary, non-stop movement for 3 full days and nights since leaving Tulsa, not to mention the consumption of much liquor on the train down from Mazatlan.

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